We’re a team of highly-skilled leaders and dedicated, passionate advisors who treat clients as we would want to be treated ourselves, fairly and transparently. We’re target-oriented and we thrive on success.

Alan Donnelly

Executive Chairman

Alan Donnelly Executive Chairman

Hatice Küçük

Chief Executive Officer

Hatice Küçük Chief Executive Officer

Jonothon Donnelly

Chief Operating Officer

Jonothon Donnelly Chief Operating Officer

Ileana Grigorescu

Head of European Affairs

Ileana Grigorescu Head of European Affairs

Victoria Grandsoult

Account Manager

Victoria Grandsoult Account Manager

Jack Nagy

Account Manager

Jack Nagy Account Manager

Patrick Adams

Account Manager

Patrick Adams Account Manager

Owen Ballantine

Account Executive

Owen Ballantine Account Executive

Senior Counsel

Elmar Brok

Senior Counsel International Affairs

Elmar Brok Senior Counsel International Affairs

Peter Cardwell

Senior Counsel

Peter Cardwell Senior Counsel

Joseph Dancey

Senior Counsel

Joseph Dancey Senior Counsel

Larry Tint

Senior Counsel

Larry Tint Senior Counsel

Guenther Jonitz

Senior Counsel

Guenther Jonitz Senior Counsel