Our services

We’ve been working for over 20 years with global businesses such as Bloomberg and Intuit to get their message heard at the highest levels of government and in the media. We have the tools and expertise to work with you to make your goals become reality.

Future-proofing your business and giving your organisation the tools it needs to shape its own destiny is our passion. To make the process successful we work with you through a range of strategic services. 

Our Public Policy service draws upon our experience of advising some of the world’s leading organisations, we excel in making sure your business plays a proactive role in shaping the policy areas that impact you most.

Our Stakeholder Relations and Partnerships can help you establish and maintain networks with specific groups of high priority stakeholders.

Our Business to Business, Sustainability, Reputation and Crisis Management and Media Training give you a full range of services that work together to help you control and future-proof your business. Contact us to talk to learn more about our experience and how we can work with you to shape the future of your organisation.

Our Sectors

Over our twenty-year history we have consistently represented a wide range of sectors. We have the unique perspective of working with governments and other organisations at the highest level. We can help future-proof your business and help you build multi-sectoral partnerships.


Our clients

We work with a wide range of clients at the very highest level. Since 2000 we’ve provided bespoke consultancy services and created high-level, multi-sectoral partnerships that promote the policy, high-level stakeholder engagement, CSR and Business Development activities of our clients.