Larry joined Sovereign Strategy’s Senior Counsel in September 2017. He brings a wealth of experience after a distinguished career in financial services.

He is a Senior Managing Director of Cantor Fitzgerald LLP, President of Cantor Comparative Advantage, a Cantor Fitzgerald subsidiary involved in the development of new stock trading technologies, and Chairman of Quantal International, a Berkeley, California-based provider of leading risk analysis tools and investment management products.

A financial innovator throughout his career, former Barclays Global Investors US CEO Larry Tint was a leading pioneer in the rise of indexing. The technology that Larry and his partner, William Sharpe developed at Sharpe-Tint in the late 80’s formed the nucleus for the target-date investment funds (patented by Larry while at BGI) that now account for over half of all 401k pension assets in the US. Along the way Larry also pioneered the introduction of several other groundbreaking financial products, including iShares.