We’ve been working for over 20 years with global businesses such as Bloomberg and Intuit to get their message heard at the highest levels of government and in the media. We have the tools and expertise to work with you to make your goals become reality.

We’re a political consulting and PR firm with a global footprint. Since 2000 we’ve provided bespoke consultancy services and created high-level, multi-sectoral partnerships that promote the policy, high-level stakeholder engagement, CSR and Business Development activities of our clients.

As part of our global footprint, we have worked for numerous governments around the world, as well as a variety of globally renowned FTSE 100 and Fortune 250 companies. 

Our experience ensures our clients understand the political environment in which they operate. It help us identify and effectively engage with key stakeholders and influencers as well as shape our client’s message to maximise the impact with each audience.

We work with governments, the private sector, NGOs and charities and startups world-wide and across the health, financial services, security and development community to ensure that policy objectives remain on track.

Whether it’s winning public sector contracts, campaigning on public policy issues, managing our client’s brand with key stakeholders or developing sustainable business and engagement opportunities for clients, we have proven that we add value to our client’s business.

Understanding your aspirations and applying our experience and skill to create adaptive strategies to help you navigate future challenges is our unique selling point. Contact us to talk about how we can help shape your future.

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