Over our twenty-year history we have consistently represented a broad range of financial services globally including renowned FTSE 100 and Fortune 250 companies.

Through our strong footprint in Brussels, New York and London we operate at the highest levels in helping our clients affect policy and have always been ahead of the curve to identify, assess and respond to global trends and disruptions for our partners. We put you in the best position to respond to regulatory and policy disruptions as well as trends that affect the industry. We help to understand the broader political context in which these changes take place.

By providing policy advice, regulatory compliance, political advocacy, business to government and business to business services, our global networks and trusted relationships at the highest levels of policy and decision-making provide us with a platform to help your organisation achieve the desired  sustainable outcomes to ensure your message are heard in and beyond your target audiences.

Our expertise in regulatory trends and affairs and our first-hand, exceptional knowledge in both the fintech and traditional financial services industries have placed us in a unique global position to create new B2B and B2G partnerships. We also help to create non-traditional partnerships with peers in the industry, multilateral development banks, international organisations and key multilateral fora. Utilising these previously unexplored avenues, we put our partners at the centre stage of global policy-making. By breaking these existing silos we help partners to respond to macro and geopolitical trends via national, regional and global partnerships.

Emerging global disruptions caused by health crises, climate change and increasing urbanisation requires the financial services sector to be ready to meet these national and global challenges. This is why the future of sustainable and green finance in conjunction with meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are key for the sector address these challenges in this current volatile environment. 

Given the enormous investments needed to bring about a green transformation, the financial sector will have to play a central role in allocating resources towards a sustainable and green economy and halt financing activities that harm the environment. We can help you to position yourself in these global trends, make your voice heard at the highest-levels and create a strategy to help meet long-term objectives.