The original Tyne Tunnel opened in 1967 and provided a vital route for commuters, haulage and pedestrian traffic in both North and South directions across the Tyne River. 

After ten years in the planning stage, the £260m project to create an additional tunnel crossing to create a dual tunnel system commenced in 2008. The original tunnel and the new tunnel allowed for dedicated two lane crossings for both north and south bound traffic, helping to alleviate congestion in the UK’s fourth worst traffic blackspot. 

Constructed under a private finance initiative Bouygues Construction were contracted to undertake the massive project. Refurbishment of the old tunnel and construction of the new tunnel was completed in November 2011, 3 months earlier than the originally planned opening date of January 2021.  

Today the dual Tyne tunnel crossings provide a vital transport link between the North and South of the North East Region with usage of up to 43,000 journeys per day.