WHO report on strengthening preparedness for health emergencies

January 11, 2023 admin

The World Health Organization has published a report on strengthening its preparedness for and response to health emergencies, with ten accompanying proposals.

#COVID19 has shown that global multilateral systems are deficient in dealing with the scale and complexity of health emergencies, with governance often being fragmented and disjointed. The latest World Health Organization report aims to tackle this, improving the resilience of the global architecture for health. The principles of equity, inclusivity and coherence are at the heart of these proposals, which are grouped by governance, systems and financing.

Proposal 1: Establish a Global Health Emergency Council.

Proposal 2: Make targeted amendments to the International Health Regulations.

Proposal 3: Scale up universal health and preparedness reviews and strengthen independent monitoring.

Proposal 4: Strengthen the health emergency workforce.

Proposal 5: Strengthen health emergency coordination through standardised approaches to the strategic planning, financing, operations and monitoring of health emergency preparedness and response.

Proposal 6: Expand partnerships and strengthen networks for a whole-of-society approach to collaborative surveillance, community protection, safe and scalable care, access to medical countermeasures and emergency coordination.

Proposal 7: Enhance coordination between finance and health decision-makers.

Proposal 8: Strengthen and fully finance the Pandemic Fund to provide catalytic and gap-filling funding.

Proposal 9: Expand the funds available for rapidly scalable and sustainable emergency response, including at-risk financing for the rapid development of and access to medical countermeasures.

Proposal 10: Strengthen WHO at the centre of the global HEPR architecture.

To read the full report, please click here: https://lnkd.in/gK6Extcg

WHO graphic

Photo: Summary of proposals for the strengthening of the international architecture of health emergency preparedness, response and resilience. (WHO, ‘Strengthening WHO preparedness for and response to health emergencies’ Report- 05/01/2023)