Too often, organisations underestimate how changes in government policy can have a substantial impact. We have a deep understanding of the mechanics of government at domestic, regional and global levels which allows us to help manage your political risk. Drawing upon our experience of advising some of the world’s leading organisations, we excel in making sure your business plays a proactive role in shaping the policy areas that impact you most. 

From start-ups and SMEs to large multinationals, for over 20 years we have helped organisations from around the world implement policy strategies that ensure you’ll receive the right information at the right time, and we will craft the right arguments to capture the imagination of the political audiences that shape future policy.

It’s our passion and mission to understand your challenges and aspirations to help you shape your future. 

Our services include

Parliamentary monitoring and intelligence 

Policy analysis

Strategic parliamentary committee enquiry messaging

Political stakeholder mapping

Engagement and communications management