We actively encourage our clients to explore opportunities to give back to the regions and communities that support their businesses. This can be done by establishing not-for-profit programmes designed to benefit stakeholder groups which are key drivers or supporters of your organisation. We also work with a wide range of not-for-profit organisations primarily on an advocacy basis and operate our own not-for-profit programmes. 

As a business founded in the North East of England, we have a desire to elevate the voice of our home region domestically and on the world stage. In 2005 this led us to establish the North East Economic Forum, a not-for-profit organisation which provides a platform from which to debate factors effecting the North East economy. 

Through the forum’s events and conferences, we have been able to attract Prime Ministers, Government opposition leaders, Ambassadors, policy shapers and internationally renowned business leaders to engage directly with the North-East region’s key stakeholders. These engagements have provided critical insights into developments which shape economic growth and have provided a showcase for the North-East as a region for inward investment.