Keir Starmer’s vision for a bold and reforming government

January 5, 2023 admin

Today, in his first major speech of 2023, the Labour Leader Keir Starmer, laid out his vision for a bold and reforming government and pledged to end ‘sticking plaster politics’.

The Labour Leader also announced that he would legislate to decentralise decision-making to local authorities and communities with the ‘Take Back Control Bill’ in the first King’s speech of a Labour Government.

Keir Starmer outlined a new “national mission” approach to politics and democracy by devolving powers to communities and modernising central government, making it more dynamic and agile. This will be done by bringing in expertise from public and private, businesses and unions, towns and cities.

The Labour Leader’s plan will include giving local communities the chance to control their economic destinies. Labour will devolve powers over employment support, transport, energy, climate change, housing, culture, and childcare provision to councils. Under the Labour Government, communities would be given the right to request powers.

The Labour Leader has set out his stall for the next 12 months, offering a compelling and credible vision of what a Labour Government led by him would look like. However, he will need to continue to put more flesh on the bones throughout the course of the year if he is to answer criticism that his programme is still too policy-lite.