Jonothon has advanced his career with Sovereign Strategy since joining as an account executive in 2003 holding the positions of Senior Account manager and Associate Director, culminating in being elevated to the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2020. 

As Chief Operating Officer, Jonothon has the responsibility of managing day to day business in coordination with the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. His role also combines promoting the company in performing international business development activities, ensuring the Executive Team and senior officers of the company perform their fiduciary duties. 

His role is to promote the company’s interest at local, national and international levels, supply regular updates on related policy activities to clients and provide advice and assistance in engaging with political institutions and key stakeholders. 

He has experience of working in the European Parliament as a parliamentary assistant and has also worked at constituency level. Jonothon has vast experience in liaising with political institutions ranging from local authorities to the European Commission. Jonothon has created and managed stakeholder engagement, advocacy and communications strategies for clients from sectors including Environmental Services, Transport, NGO, Telecoms, Automotive, Financial Services, Sport and Media. 

Jonothon coordinates the client programmes for two Swiss based Non Government Organisations identifying new funding and partnership opportunities, providing global, national and regional policy advice, stakeholder communications strategy guidance and reputation management services.