Guenther Jonitz MD PhD was President of the Berlin Chamber of Physicians and Member of the Board of the German Medical Association from 1999 to 2021. He was Co-Chairman of the Boards for Quality, Patient Safety and Arbitration of the GMA. He is a specialist in surgery having worked in Moabit Hospital, Berlin from 1984 to 2000.

He founded several institutions for quality assurance, e.g. the Initiative for Quality Medicine in Hospitals IQM, the Cooperation for Transparency and Quality KTQ, the Guidelines International Network G-I-N and the Berlin-Brandenburg Myocardial Registry.

He pioneered Evidence-based Medicine in Germany, organizing and chairing the first congress in Germany in 1998 and is a founding member of the German Network for EbM.

Patient Safety and value-based health care are his special interests. He initiated and co-founded the German Coalition for Patient Safety in 2005 and was Vice-Chairman from 2005 to 2009 and Chairman until 2011. As technical advisor to the German Ministry of Health since 2006 he was a member of the Patient Safety and Quality of Care Working Group of the European Commission from 2006 to 2016 and is an active participant at the Ministerial Summits on Patient Safety since 2016. He is a member of the WHO Global Patient Safety Network.

In 2016 he organized the first congress on value-based health care in Germany together with the British Medical Journal and the Programme for Value-Based Health Care, Nuffield Department, University of Oxford, UK. He gave presentations on vbhc in nine countries in Europe and Asia.

In 2016 he received the Federal Cross of Merit by the German Federal President for his achievements in evidence-based medicine and patient safety.

He is a Honorary Professor at Danube Private University, Krems, Austria.