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Bloomberg G20 day

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G20 Global Health Innovation Event mentioned by B20

Sovereign Strategy’s G20 Global Health Innovation event was mentioned in the B20’s newsletter (page 5):

“The B20 Sherpa Stormy Mildner participated in a G20 Global Health Innovation Roundtable titled “Research for Impact & the G20: How can global health innovation drive sustainable development” on April 28, 2017, organized by Sovereign Strategy. Stormy Mildner presented the work of the B20 Health Initiative in anticipation of the Health Conference on May 18 to participants of the roundtable, stressing the need for Health to become a permanent item on the G20 agenda. Moreover, she underlined the crosscutting nature of health issues, especially with regard to economic and social development within the planned Compact with Africa (CWA) investment program.”


Received by the President in Pristina

Sovereign Strategy’s Executive Chairman, Alan Donnelly, met with Kosovo’s President, Hashim Thaçi, ahead of the Kosovan Parliamentary Elections.

B20 Health Conference